Johnny Highway

Most people(including me) would think a shot like this was staged but it just kinda happened. I’m not sure what got into ‘Johnny Highway’ but he did really well posing it up. Kudos to Henderson for doing a stellar job of lighting this up beautifully with the off camera light. I really enjoyed shooting in this new venue tonight. It was very southern and vintage! I also got to see some former clients, Jami & Ryan who I shot last year!


We also found the ‘biggest fan’ for our Ash Little Photography Fan Page!


We are also still working on the Ipod Contest šŸ˜† . It’s actually pretty simple…When we hit 1,000 fans we are going to draw a winner for the free Ipod Touch. We are just trying to figure out ‘how’ to do the drawing for it so it’s fair as possible. All relatives and close friends are excluded from winning.