Charleston Bridal Part Deux

Here’s part two of Laura’s bridal. There could be a part three and four but I’ll spare everyone. I’ve been traveling a lot lately but I’ve been in Columbia since Tuesday. I’ve spent most of my time this week behind the computer editing. My fridge has been empty so I pretty much only leave the house to go eat(exciting right!?!?). Earlier today I went to the gas station and bought some gummy bears and a snickers bar. So pretty normal, right? Yes, of course! Well later in the day I go get dinner. I then go by the same gas station because I STILL have that sweet craving. I get out of the car and I see the same cashier working that was there earlier in the day. I was pretty embarrassed so I just got back in the car and took myself straight home.

That’s me. I’ve been at super formal weddings and have been busted by the catering company for eating the cake when professionals like me have a designated area with designated food. In that situation you just act dumb and drool like you didn’t know any better. I skipped the cake this past weekend and had some banana pudding from Southern Way Catering. It was pretty amazing!

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