Charleston Bridal

This is Laura and she looks pretty amazing in her Charleston Bridal session. I had a ton of fun during her bridal meeting her family who came down from Hickory, NC. Her parents are incredibly nice people. I did feel sorry for them though being New York Jet fans and all. They should have a really fun time this fall on the Tebow train.

This is only a few of the photos. I’ll put the rest up soon. Hope everyone is enjoying this 90 degree weather. 90 degree weather in May is a little too soon for this SC Wedding Photographer!

I wanted to share with everyone my ‘cloffice’ from back in 2006. A cloffice is an office + closet. I ran into the Jean Guichard lighthouse photo at someone’s house the other day and made me think of it. Not how I really started out on a 15 inch monitor but I guess that was the standard back then.


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