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My wedding this past weekend was about 4 hours away on the Virginia and North Carolina state line. Julie and Wayne lived in Alabama when I met them and and have recently moved to Tennessee. It wasn’t until I got to the rehearsal on Friday that I found out Julie’s dad had passed away about 6 years before. One of the first things that grabbed my attention was this amazing 54 Chevy Bel Air.


Julie had received the Bel Air for her 16th birthday from her dad. Wayne and his dad had spent the last 4 months remodeling the car getting it ready for the wedding. It was a nice addition to the already spectacular venue Cinqua Penn Plantation. I had to get my camera almost immediately so I could take a few shots of this special story. This blog post is dedicated to Julie’s father Mr. Bill Alexander!


I told Julie I would blog these images in the hotel on friday night since I wouldn’t have anything to do. When I got back I realized I didn’t bring my memory card reader. It’s not usually something I need on the road. I haven’t quite made it home yet since I stopped by my parent’s house on the way back. I figured I would include a few images from the wedding since I missed my deadline last night. That’s Julie’s brother driving her up and walking her down the isle. Happy Father’s Day!

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Here’s a couple of the bridal shots of Jess I was talking about in an earlier post. I had to wait, of course, until after the wedding to post these. I plan on putting a few more up as well on Sunday! I’m just tired from a busy day!


I appreciate everyone that has a been patient with me! My fall schedule was busier than my spring and summer by far and it’s put me about two weeks behind schedule! Thanks for choosing Ash Little Photography too guys! I really appreciate it!


I had a nice little surprise today. I had this classic waiting on me at the end of the wedding for a quick shoot with Jess and Andy. I was literally salivating when my eyes caught this beauty.


It’s just a mystery to me why we are so drawn to these cars….While we were riding around taking photos in this classic, I looked over at the driver and told him….”it just doesn’t get any better than this”!


So expect to see more of these in the future! I’ll announce the Ipod Winner in a few days! Remember! I may not have 100 emails yet so don’t pass up your chance to enter!

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I was asked by Chasity(pictured below) the other day what I did in my free time. I was a bit lost for a response. I wanted to say photography but that sounded kind of odd. It’s true though!

Well here’s a shot of the couple that made this post happen.Their engagement photos are going to be absolutely ridiculous! I promise to post them. Right after I post some of Jamie and Scott’s photos.

I figured I would share some of the things I’ve been photographing outside of weddings. These are pretty much projects that spanned over the year so far. And no, I don’t shoot bands. I plan on experimenting with a new style of photography when I get some free time in late November. Unless there’s a turkey wedding that pops up!

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Missing You Dearly

I even did the design for two of the albums. That was a lot of fun and it also pushed my creative limits.