Raw Emotion

Raw Emotion


It’s a long story how I ended up at a antique store the other day. The quick summary was it was more fate than coincidence. Why I was at that location was tied to an old friend. The person that got me there was also tied to my old friends. I don’t really shop for antiques but I did teach myself photography wandering into local antique shops. It’s almost like stepping into my own past every time I walk into one.

In the back of the shop in the lounge area was an old album that was filled with photos from the 1940s. It was not only an album but a book that told a story of two people. A lady in big white hair curlers stepped out the back and told me the story from what she could gather from it. It was almost haunting looking at these people’s lives that have long since passed. Here are a few shots I took w/ my iPhone.


A view of New York City taken from the Statue of Liberty.


A big group photo. Notice the man in the back right. There’s always at least one person in the group that tries to hide.


I had to take a photo of the old cars.


Seeing that old photo album really moved me. I really don’t even think I can put into words how it made me feel. It reminded me that it’s not all about taking a photo but more so about capturing an emotion. It reminded me why I was a photographer. I might take 1,000 photos but there will always be those few photos that just become priceless in a split second. I hope in 100+ years people look at the couples I have shot and experience those same emotions that I felt the other day.


Being a wedding photographer I feel like a lot of people really don’t understand what I do. I don’t just take photos. It’s really about evoking and capturing raw emotion. It’s really humbling to know people let me into their lives to capture these moments.


This is me back in 2006 in an antique shop learning how to use my Canon 20D and 20mm prime lens. The girl I was actually teaching when I walked in the antique shop just picked up a 20D for $50. I have a 5ft tall photo in my office taken with that same camera. Just goes to show, you don’t need a new camera to take great photos.

Ash Little 2006

Ashleigh & Chris to Wed in America’s Sexiest City — Charleston SC


This is Ashleigh and Chris. Their wedding is at Legare Waring House in Charleston, SC. It’s a pretty amazing place to get married. Charleston is a very unique place that really can’t be matched to anywhere I have ever been. There’s something about the style and history that can’t be replicated(sorry Savannah). It was also named ‘America’s sexiest city’ in 2011. I would definitely agree.

Chris really intrigues me. He joined the military to follow his passion for music. There is an unwritten bond among us artists chasing our dreams. He’s serving his country while following his dream which is — amazing.

Ashleigh likes to drink coffee. I actually gave her all my Starbuck’s giftcards. If anybody wants to meet for coffee anytime soon it’s not on me! I was kinda hoping Ashleigh could help me get rid of my southern accent since she pretty much has a Bio Physics Molecular Proton degree in speech.

Really beautiful diamond! Wonder how many old lady purses Chris had to steal….

I have officially retired from putting my logo on every image I put on my blog. I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that if someone likes a photo they can pretty much ask who took it. Meanwhile on the west coast, I’m sure a newbie photographer with no portfolio is excited by this.

I’m not sure what it is with this photo but it makes me think of Top Gun.

We ended up in a town called Dillon, South Carolina. I used to love that show ‘Friday Night Lights’ that was based in the fictional town of Dillon. Buddy Garrity is the best character ever. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose!

I love shooting in old towns. There’s usually some cool spots you can find like the ‘coke’ signs. It’s sad though because these places are disappearing rather quickly. A lot of the places I have photographed in the past are now torn down or have been painted. I’m pretty sure when I’m 80 years old some photographer is going to be shooting engagements in old Walmart parking lots and I’m going to be busy complaining about it in the nursing home.

Chris has a ring on his left hand which has confused my brain during this whole editing process.

I laughed while we photographed this and just apologized to Chris for making him go through with it. People flip out over pics like this though. Kind of like how people flip out about babies on facebook. I don’t know, maybe babies are 2nd on the list behind ‘motivational posters’ on Facebook it seems these days. I’m pretty sure I just lost like 5 fans because they posted ‘motivational posters’ on facebook this morning.

I’m not sure if I should be thankful that 1/3 of the bulbs were burning or maybe it would have been better if they were all burnt out.

We tried to go to the top of the Sombrero Hat but they didn’t take debit cards. Who carries cash anymore? I’m pretty sure I could have convinced the lady to let us go to the top but I figured the photo opportunities up there would be limited.

I fulfilled one of my passions in life by taking a few engagement photos at South of the Border. I’m pretty sure it was around a year ago I made this is a goal in life. On this day I completed that goal. Making stuff happen! Yeah! My next goal for an engagement is a hot air balloon ride. Let’s make it happen people!

If you get a second go check out Jessa’s blog at heedthefeed.com. She’s a past bride of mine and also her twin sister is in the previous blog post. She started this blog a while ago and is winning contests, taking great photos, and making delicious recipes. She made all those cakes for Whitney at her wedding. I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get to try them all!

Tim & Falisha Engagement Session


This guy runs for mayor. Loses by a slight margin. To relieve some stress takes an exotic trip to get away from it all. Then meets the girl of his dreams. That’s pretty much how I arrived right here with this blog post.


I have to give kudos to Tim for wearing the bow tie. He definitely gets the ‘sharpest dressed’ award for an engagement session. I would try wearing one to their wedding but i’m not sure I could pull it off. I actually just had a flash back. I think the last time I wore a bow tie was my aunt’s wedding when I was around 5-6 years old. It’s funny the things you remember. I was mesmerized by the carved watermelon and other fruits. I can still taste the sweetness of that watermelon. My aunt and uncle actually lost their wedding photos due to a house fire a while back. I asked my aunt if she could buy those photos back for 10x the amount she paid for them would she? She gave me a very quick ‘yes without a doubt’. It’s funny how we put even more value on something after we’ve lost it.


Tim gives me an incredibly hard time about being a wedding photographer. He thinks I have it made. He tried to imitate me by saying, ‘hey man…i’m just sitting on the couch with a diet coke watching some tv…I think I might go for a jog later’. He acts like I work for the state of South Carolina or something(that was for you Tim).


I’m looking forward to working with Shannon from Shannon Baker Wedding and Events. She was with Falisha the first time we met and drilled me with about 50 million questions. That really shows she is going to be clutch on the wedding day where I can completely focus on photography.





I just signed up for pinterest! I’m really not sure what’s it all about yet but I’m officially on the train! If you see something you like please follow me or pin me! I’m probably going to have to go shoot some guns today. Get my ‘man card’ back.

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