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Blabber Experimentation travel video


I love taking photos even while traveling. Check out my San Fran trip here for a little verification! I went to Vieques recently and took A LOT of gear as you will notice in the photo below. It’s pretty easy with thinktank‘s great gear. So I was then ready to take some awesome vacation photos.

There was one minor(MAJOR) problem. I had just recently purchased the new iPhone 4. The main reason I upgraded it was the camera. Yep, I’m a sucker for technology.


Now the funny thing was I never touched my Canon gear the entire time I was gone. I decided to make a commitment and just use my iPhone the entire time. Iphone VERSUS $20k worth of Canon equipment? Check out the photos below from Vieques.

Vieques is a very small island and it also has wild horses about anywhere you go.
Lots of the locals also have horses and can be seen/heard riding through the towns. I took both the shots at sunset in Esperanza. Life is a little slower here. I felt like I was Ernest Hemingway in Key West in the 1930’s.
I jumped off that cliff a few times myself but it was recorded on Angie’s Canon so it can’t make this Iphone blog post. Just imagine me gracefully diving off of it, lol.

We also went sailing, with my parents, as well. That’s Mike Almond and his wife in the front. We met them on the sailboat. They were from Canada and had been vacationing for two weeks. I’m about to email him this blog post when it goes live!
A couple more shots of the sailboat. We actually went snorkeling too but since the Iphone isn’t waterproof it didn’t make the trip. The last time I was in Puerto Rico I drowned Angie’s $500 point and shoot(camera) during a snorkeling trip but it’s a small price to pay when you’re trying to get that shot of a lifetime right?!?
Here’s the sailboat before we left and also a photograph of my stepfather Jerry.

It’s hard to explain but this island reminds me of the Fox series “LOST”. It probably has something to do with an old military base being there a decade ago and also restricted areas on the island. Sounds like a great place for a good conspiracy theory to me.
This was flying in and my footprints in the sand.

Not only did I take photos with the Iphone but I also recorded video as well. I decided to put this little movie together of the clips I recorded using it along with the new One Republic song “Good Life” that I heard the other day. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for checking out the blog. I’ve never shot a wedding in Vieques but I would love to. I’ve been to the island so many times I feel I would “Babe Ruth” it and knock it out of the park. I plan on using my pro gear when that happens though!

Julie & Wayne

Engagements Experimentation Portraits

Here’s a few photos of Julie and Wayne’s engagement shoot. I put these up on facebook a few days ago and they were a big hit! I figured I would share them on the blog. I put a few ‘extra’ photos in the blog post too so I hope you will enjoy.

These guys drove up from Alabama to meet me in Charleston for the shoot. I really enjoyed riding around in their convertible BMW. My girlfriend used to have a black BMW 330ci and it was a sweet feeling getting back into one.

I talked to Julie the other day and she said she had a surprise for me. She said it would take 6-8 weeks to make so I’m really curious on what it could be. I definitely like surprises!

We will also be posting the footage from the ‘Free Couples Shoot’ video very soon so stayed tuned!






















Ipod GiveAway


Hey guys! I don’t have a winner yet for the Ipod Touch. I have gotten a lot of emails asking me how many i have received but I can’t answer that. That would be kinda cheating. All you have to do is email

100th email wins it. How cool is the Ipod Touch? I did this entire post from it!