Cake in the Face

I wanted to share a few of my photobooth videos. The first is from Lauraleigh’s wedding. I think one of my favorite parts was when Lauraleigh smashed the cake in Lyniel’s face. That’s definitely a first for the booth. These guys were incredibly nice and the people there made me feel as if I was among friends. Lyniel’s brother even gave me some BBQ sauce and seasoning from him and his wife’s BBQ company. I can’t wait to try it. I think it will be a great off season blog entry.

I also wanted to mention I’ve opened up the commenting portion of the blog. After someone told me they couldn’t post to it I decided to unlock it and quickly received a few comments. So feel free to comment or just say hi!

Here’s the photobooth from Melissa’s wedding. Yeah, that’s Vanilla Ice in the first song. I did that because some of the guys hijacked the DJ table and sang ‘Ice Ice Baby’. A staple for a lot of people’s middle school years. I told Melissa I heard Ke$ha and Justin Bieber on the radio on the way to her wedding. She gave me a hard time about it. I told her those artist were going in her video. I made it happen!

These guys were really cool. We took the after party to downtown Columbia and I got to hang with everyone for a while!

Here’s the video from Tania’s wedding in NC. I loved the bike addition. It just hit me like I ton of bricks that I have some shots from their rehearsal I need to upload. They didn’t ask for rehearsal coverage I just happen to be there since I was invited and decided to take the camera along.

The photobooths are getting extremely popular. Look for two more videos coming soon!

I figured I would also enclose a few photos. When I went up to Lauraleigh’s wedding site to scout the location I ran into a few old cars that I couldn’t resist shooting. Check them out!


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