Charleston Beaches

I was asked by Chasity(pictured below) the other day what I did in my free time. I was a bit lost for a response. I wanted to say photography but that sounded kind of odd. It’s true though!

Well here’s a shot of the couple that made this post happen.Their engagement photos are going to be absolutely ridiculous! I promise to post them. Right after I post some of Jamie and Scott’s photos.

I figured I would share some of the things I’ve been photographing outside of weddings. These are pretty much projects that spanned over the year so far. And no, I don’t shoot bands. I plan on experimenting with a new style of photography when I get some free time in late November. Unless there’s a turkey wedding that pops up!

Adam Cross

Clockwork 7



Missing You Dearly

I even did the design for two of the albums. That was a lot of fun and it also pushed my creative limits.



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