Rachel Marries Danny

I’m about to take the super easy road on this blog post. :) I’ve been trying to complete Julie & Jeremie’s blog post but I’m still lacking on the text. Here’s how I fixed the problem for this post….a VIDEO! It’s actually a little contrasty/grainy compared to the actual photos. Pay all that money for nice equipment to NOT have grainy photos and then I add grain to it in the video….kills me. It wasn’t completely on purpose but more of a photobooth video leftover.

Ok. So here’s the story. I met with these potential clients once(not Rachel and Danny shown below), and they were asking, “hey Ash, how many photos are taken at a wedding”? So it really can vary. Day weddings tend to be less photos taken for some reason…usually because they are shorter but it depends on how many photographers there are. There are lots of variables involved and I could go on for days with the different situations etc.

So my response was “probably around 2,500″.

They chime back,”well we have a friend that shoots for National Geographic(or something like it) and he said anyone that shoots that many photos at a wedding doesn’t know what they are doing”.


Ok bud. Here’s 1200 photos and nobody’s blinking!

Wedding Coordinator : Emmy Brooks at Peacock Events
Wedding Location : Linda McCormick at the Thomas Bennett House
Wedding Music : Quiana Parler and Friends is this amazing band that had the party pumping and can be found here.
Catering : Cru Cafe(that i mentioned last year in a blog post) and their website can be found here. I actually had lunch here before the wedding started.

Here’s a few photos I did put up on the facebook page before i posted the video.