Sarah Anne Marriner

I arrived in Columbia yesterday afternoon. It had been a little chaotic few days away from home to say the least. I was getting my office organized when I got a text from my buddy Brad. He was wanting me to join him at the coffee shop. I looked over at this video i had to upload. I told Brad to give me a second to start the upload and I’ll be right over.

I hopped in the car. I began driving up Assembly St.(which is the main street in Columbia) when Sarah came up behind me. I get up to the red light and roll down the window. She does her usual smile and I asked how things were going. She then tells me to turn it to this radio station. She just busts out laughing. She then screams that she was ready for another photo shoot.

I then reflected back on the shoot I shot with her for a magazine. I actually asked her to be a part of it because I thought she had the talent to carry the shoot in the direction I wanted to go. After she pulled off from the light I wished her well. I really thought she was destined for great things in life. She was still pretty young so I figured she had a few years to find those great things. She had the happiest personalities of anyone I had ever met.

So I’m working in my office today because my shoot was canceled because of the weather. I start noticing some strange things on the facebook feeds. Me and Sarah have about 72 mutual friends on facebook and I noticed a lot of posts.

I then made some calls and found out she passed away today in a car accident. I was truly shocked and saddened by the loss. I was really at a loss for words and can never find the right words in these situations.

I always think about my clients, friends, and family in different ways than most people. When I’m at wedding, a lot of people think I’m just looking for that shot with the bride and groom. Truthfully, when I’m taking photos of the grandparents and just people in general, I think those photos could be the most valuable at times. I’ve lost my grandparents, close relatives, and a friend in high school that I wished I could have taken photos of just ONCE. When I look back at my photo career I always think about every one that I’ve photographed.

It really saddens me that Sarah was the first person that I knew and photographed that has passed away. She lit up the room with her warm smile and charming personality. Since I don’t have the words I wanted to include a few words that people were leaving about her…..and also a few photographs of Sarah so she will always know she will never be forgotten.


“I’m humbled to see how fast people are willing to send love to your memory Sarah. Yet I’m not surprised because you were truly great. Goodbye Sarah.”

“How does God decided when to end our lives on this earth and bring us to heaven with Him? I don’t know the true answer to that question but I would like to think that today He needed someone extra special to make him smile… to make him laugh. Because that’s what you did for everyone else. Sarah, I will always remember your beautiful smile and laughter.”

“I’m gonna miss you. you were truly amazing…”
“Sarah, the love you gave to others made you so special. And because of that love, you will always have a place in all the hearts that you’ve touch.”
“I love you. my heart is broken. I’ll miss you.”
“You were honestly one of the most down to earth, genuine, carefree, loving person I’ve ever met in my life.”

“You were like my sister.”
“You truly were one of a kind.”

“a little piece of sunshine was taken away today!”
“I will always miss your gorgeous smile.”
“We will all miss your warm smiles when you walked into a room and your kindness to others. you were one of a kind, and I am thankful to have known you and your amazing personality. I miss you and love you.”

“A piece of everyone’s heart who has ever met you is now gone. ”