The Fair – Free Couples Shoot Winners

A few weeks ago I posted a flyer for a FREE couples engagement shoot, and the response was awesome! Thanks to everyone who applied, we wished we could have worked with everyone, but Katie & Ryan were the winners, and they were amazing to work with! Many, many thanks to Katie and Ryan for being so much fun!

The idea behind the shoot was to go to the South Carolina State Fair and shoot video and a few still images. My buddy, Dan Klutz, came down from Charlotte to help film. We came up with the idea once we realized we both had the same weekend off from shooting any weddings and wanted to do something a little different. Neither one of us are videographers, but thought it would be cool to play with the video mode of the 5d Mark ii and push it to the limit!

Hope everyone enjoys the movie, it was a lot of fun to make, let us know if you like what we did with our day off! :-)

Fun music thanks to The Dandy Warhols


cottoncandy copy



Engagements Portraits video


  1. Ryan Novak says:

    Just when I think you can’t top yourself, you go and blow the doors off the barn!! These pictures and video are unbelievable! Thanks for the great time working with you and Dan. Good luck with your school and even doing some more videos!

  2. Amanda Byers says:

    WOW!! This is phenomenal! If you and Dan did this on your day off what can you do if you get paid? Awesome work guys!!

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