Chinqua Penn Plantation Wedding

Chinqua Penn Plantation Wedding

Here’s Julie & Wayne who were married at the historic Chinqua Penn Plantation in North Carolina. Wayne is the only guy ever to call a timeout during an engagement session to grab a beer. They lived in Alabama when I met them and have recently moved to Tennessee. I’ve been to Tennessee twice in the last month and wished I had time to stop and see them.

Julie actually bought me a custom hanger after I met them in Charleston for their engagement session. One of the few things I complain about at weddings is the dress hangers people use. It’s usually one detail that is overlooked. The hanger she bought me ended up only being able to support a small amount of weight, though, so I never got to use it.

Here is Wayne’s dad who helped restore the 54 Chevy Bel Air for the wedding. You may notice the car is wet too. We actually ended up battling the rain during a portion of the wedding. A battle we won, too!

Probably my favorite photo from the day.

That’s Julie’s brother about to walk her down the aisle. Her father passed away 6+ years ago but was able to give the car to Julie on her 16th birthday.


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