Perry & Justin


Check out the cameo by me! pj10

Here’s Justin getting ready with the guys. They were married at one of the nicest golf courses in Charlotte, North Carolina. Justin was an outstanding groom to work with. pj9 Here he is being a little competitive with the guys. I am extremely competitive no matter what I do. I won a kickball championship here in Columbia a few years back. It was epic.


This is Perry’s grandfather’s United States Navy pin. Her sister Ashley(who is very talented) actually made it for her. Check out her very popular blog here. pj4

Here’s Perry getting some last minute touch up to her makeup. She’s actually a professional golfer and quite possibly the best looking on the LPGA. pj7

When you’re about to get married, you just point and it appears in your hands…amazing! pj6

We actually took a few photos before the ceremony since it would possibly be too dark afterward. pj8

This guy was incredible. He set the mood just right! pj11

Perry was taking a peek out the window seeing the guest arrive when I snapped this. pj13

Perry’s dad tossing the tee escorting her in. pj18

Incredible and stunning! pj14

I’m not sure what I like better, the kiss or the crowd looking back! pj17

Squeezing in a few photos before the reception. pj19 Indoor silhouette…


Justin asked for this shot long before the wedding day. I love the lanterns. Apparently, that’s what the golf course is known for. pj15

Perry’s mom told me to wash my hands a lot because of the swine flu. When we went on the engagement shoot I showed Perry my bottle of hand sanitizer. Haven’t been sick in forever, knock on wood. pj16

This is one of my favorites. pj21

This is called off camera lighting and it’s amazing! pj22

The event coordinator was really strict with everyone. I really thought he did a good job. He kept everything in order and I was able to concentrate on photography. pj23

Great looking couple! pj24

I just watched Footloose on netflix. This guy would seriously put Kevin Bacon to shame. I’m not sure that movie is very hip anymore(the dancing). I guess that’s why they are remaking it. pj25

This was the traditional toddler toss…..j/k pj26

The big exit and a new beginning! pj27

See ya on the next post! pj5